BMW Group Hellas Headquarters


Meet our people.

BMW Group Hellas consists of a group of people whose hard work, professionalism and dedication to work set the foundation of the BMW Group success. The continuous search, utilization and retention of distinct talents in various business functions is an integral part of the BMW Group corporate philosophy and culture in Greece and in other countries of the world.

Through collective work, our people achieve outstanding results. Nevertheless, every employee in BMW Group Hellas follow a very special journey within the company. Every employee is unique and has his/her very own story to tell about working in BMW Group Hellas. Meet our people and read their stories.

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BEHIND THE SUCCESS.Meet our people.


BMW Group Hellas, Despina Aeraki

Working in the accounting department is always a challenge.

Although new projects and strict deadlines are part of our everyday life, we are given the opportunity to cooperate with colleagues not only based in Greece but from all around the world, resulting in acquiring a deeper understanding of the BMW community as well as other cultures. The willingness for a successful result, the respect, the common understanding and the a management that appreciates our efforts, motivates us to always give our best.

Favorite BMW model: BMW M5.


BMW Group Hellas, Andreas Papageorgiou

Having worked for three different companies in the last 24 years, I could pretty much say that BMW has a great work environment under the proper management. The pleasant and safe working environment, offers a sense of comfort and ease with a lot of opportunities for growth and quick advancements from internal promotions. What really excites me most in this company is of course «the state of the art products», the professionalism of my colleagues and the appreciation for employees.

Effort recognition is what motivates me to do a good job. It is very important that for my efforts, I get the deserved mention and respect. This not only keeps me energized but also inspires me to keep working strong and give more than 100 percent of myself.

The car that best reflects my personality and fits better to my current needs, is the X2 because it is unconventional and sporty. Ready for my everyday commute and adventurous during the weekends.


BMW Group Hellas, Dmitra Tyrali

I started my career as an intern at BMW Group Hellas. Back then, I wouldn’t expect to find a family that will support me in all my career advancements. BMW offered me the opportunity to explore different areas of expertise, so after almost 4 years, I have worked in various positions, with the best professionals and overall gained unparalleled working experience.

All BMW models get me excited… but my heart belongs to BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid. It is powerful, luxurious, comfortable, showstopping and eco-friendly. It is love at first sight!


BMW Group Hellas, THE 3 Plug-in Hybrid

For more than 40 years, the BMW 3 Series has been the top sport-sedan in its category. With the BMW E21 from the 1970s setting the foundations for an extraordinary success story, the BMW 3 Series reaches its 7th generation, more agile than ever! The new BMW 330e with Plug-in Hybrid technology highlights this agility; electrified, efficient and technologically advanced, ensures the ultimate balance between functionality, safety and dynamic driving pleasure with low or even zero emissions.

Michalis Bras, Dealer Development Manager of BMW Group Hellas, introduces the new BMW 330e through a drive on the Athenian Riviera. Follow him and get ready to discover everything about the BMW 3 Series from scratch!


BMW Group Hellas, THE X2 Plug-in Hybrid

Explore the athletic character of BMW X2 Plug-in Hybrid through a short mountain escape. Behind the wheel, Stephanie Heppe, the CFO of BMW Austria Bank, Athens Branch. Unique due to its sporty and hybrid nature, the BMW X2 xDrive25e is ready to respond to any requirements for efficiency, flexibility, and eco-friendly mobility. The modern design elements and the plethora of innovative technologies available, have rightfully made BMW X2 xDrive25e the extroverted protagonist of a new era!

Follow Stephanie Heppe on this escape and experience the BMW X2 Plug-in Hybrid!


BMW Group Hellas, Stratis Tavlaridis

During COVID, we really came together as a team. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, we managed to overcome the difficulties and, even though we all worked remotely, we succeeded in collaborating effectively and efficiently in maintaining BMW’s excellence in customer service and support. 

The car that best reflects my personality is the 3door MINI Cooper because it is small, sleek and flexible. It has a sexy design and artistic character. It is a classic, yet always in style, like me. 


BMW Group Hellas, THE i3

The Fleet Administrator of BMW Group Hellas, Ioannis Giannakis is introducing to us the first pure electric model of BMW through his daily routine. Get on board in BMW i3 and experience the future.


BMW Group Hellas, THE iX3

Andreas Sieben, CEO & Managing Director of the BMW Group Hellas introduces the first-ever BMW iX3. Join this unique night ride through the streets of Athens and learn everything you need to know about the first pure electric BMW SAV. 


BMW Group Hellas, Annalena Kosma

In difficult times like these, it can feel hard to stay motivated. At BMW it gets a lot easier.

I have been working for the BMW Group for 17 years now, and it always felt more like being part of a big BMW family, rather than just working for BMW Group. Even over the last year, the pleasant and safe working environment offered a sense of comfort and ease. What really motivates me is having a candid and trusting relationship with my manager, and the feeling that my work is being recognized. And of course my colleagues. I miss seeing them around these days from my home-office - but we still collaborate well...even from a distance.

If I were a vehicle I would definitely be a MINI and eco-friendly.


BMW Group Hellas, Senior Management

For years, BMW Group Hellas has been rewarding and promoting women managers to senior positions. Dynamic women, with leadership skills, who make quick decisions and actively contribute to the achievement of important goals and to the positive financial results for the BMW Group Hellas. Specifically, in the Sales and Marketing departments of BMW, Mrs. Vivi Baskaki and Mrs. Mariza Petrakou, respectively, hold managerial responsibilities, while on April 2021, Mrs. Dimitra Bikou took over the position of Head of MINI in the Greek market, having held the position of MINI Marketing Manager the previous years. With three dynamic women on key managerial roles, BMW Group Hellas becomes the first BMW Group company member to achieve 100% representation of women in senior management positions in Sales and Marketing departments across all regions of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

From left to right: Dimitra Bikou, Head of MINI, Mariza Petrakou, BMW Marketing Manager, Vivi Baskaki, BMW Sales Manager, Andreas Sieben, MD & CEO BMW Group Hellas